Zul Muchasin EP Press Release

Desember 2017, (Jakarta, Indonesia). – Salam, Zul Muchasin is a solo vocalist who fall in love with dream pop/ indie pop genre, and want to share it with you through his mini album/ EP that he made. Hope you enjoy. The full theme of Zul Muchasin EP is “Secret Quest of A Lover”. In this project he want to tell the secret of minor love story’s effect that is realistic. In this mini album he already have 4 songs that is ready to be published.
The four songs are:

“Are We Fall?” is the title of first single that has been published in @zul.vm instagram account, youtube and also in soundcloud. Please click link below to make it easier for listening my first single. This song is telling about how to know the feels of fall where this song is the first chapter of his mini album stories that will be released soon.

The second is “Daydreamer”. He want to tell you about how love is work in easy think and easy do. And then “Gypsy Girl”, the third songs in his mini album. In this song, he draw the girl who teach him about love with her dance and her lips. The last songs is “Faking Free”. Faking Free will explain us about his songs before. We are free to falling in love, but love isn’t free sometimes.
1. Are We Fall?
2. Daydreamer
3. Gipsy Girl
4. Faking Free

instagram : http://instagram.com/zul.vm

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