Dracul is a rapper often stylized as Dracul specifically into a horrorcore based as he wrote lyrics in most of his songs. With the assistance of his friends named Rapclinic, iPraz, and Amaneye making beats for him, he differs his theme from the others by developing his vampiric alter ego that is highly influenced by the famous Irish author, Bram Stoker’s iconic gothic horror novel titled “Dracula”.

He created his own tone and sound by delivering nightmarish, bloodsucking, psycho punchlines, his maniac laughing and yelling voice and his twisting flow switch.

He decided to create his second  single producedby Rapclinic titled “A Persona In Control” which is about asplit persona of himself that forces him to go hardcore, insane, and lust for killing.

A vampiric doppelganger who lurks out from the inside of his deepest mind, living from his dark side that soon will bring him to seek upon death.

“A Persona In Control” is available and can be listen on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon Music, Tidal, JOOX, and other platforms. Also “A Persona In Control” Music Video is available and can be watch on Vlad Dracul’s Youtube channel.

Along with the release of his second single titled “A Persona In Control” Dracul is working on his first album which is going to release not long from this month. The album is about something that will drag listeners into another dimension, allow them to travel further into his deepest and twisting mind state.

Produced by : Rapclinic

Composed by : Dracul and Rapclinic

Written by : Dracul

Studio Record : Medusa Records

Mixed and Mastered by : Medusa Records

Artwork by : Vanstie

Music Video


Executive Producer : Dracul

Production Company : Selotips Studios

Story by : Dracul

Visual : Selotips Studios

Directed : Zidni Rizqi Azkiya & Dimas Al Firoos

DOP : Dimas Al Firoos

Editor : Dimas Al Firoos

SFX : Dracul, Tsabita K, Nindy Shabrina

Assistance : Made, Oyon YGW, Aan, Tsabita K.



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