Northern Silence | New Releases – March 2021

Jord (Swedish for “Earth”) is a Swedish Atmospheric Black Metal solo-project with Blackgaze, Post Metal and Post Rock influences.

The project’s sole member Jörgen Ström has played in various bands (quote: “Everything from Pop to Black Metal.”) since the 90s and learned a ton of things from that period of touring and recording albums – experience that eventually led to the founding of his own project Jord.

The debut album, entitled Sol (Swedish for “sun”) is about Jörgen’s relation to Mother Earth. Living alone in a small cabin next to the forest and spending most of his free time in the woods when not writing music has had a tremendous influence on him, and through the music and lyrics of Jord that connection between man and nature is expressed.

The artist and Northern Silence appreciate it if you check out the album and write a review or mention it on your site if you like it. Interview requests are very welcome.

RADIOS: Kindly limit airplay during the pre-order period to the songs that are available as advance tracks on Bandcamp and Youtube. After March 12th any song or the full album can be played.

We thank you in advance for your time as well as any interest in our work and support of it!

For a quick peek check out:

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