Senyawa Tour 2014 (Kedai Telapak, 19 Desember 2014)

Experience the new noise that blend the mysticism of Javanese Bamboo with West contemporary that will torture you ears to the dead! Please welcome the one and only, Senyawa, with their unholy alliance came from another continent, Horse Mcgyver (Sydney), Luc Pendeaux (Vietnam), and Szkieve (Canada). We can’t stand for this invasion, therefore we must unleash our local muscle that lies beneath Lemahabang, Ganusiki, Slowburnsss, and Remoef. Experience this epic battle at Kedai Telapak next 19 Desember. Bring your extra cash to donate our unlucky brethren who suffer under the abundant avalanche mud on Banjarnegara. Come join us, feel the pain, feel the battle, feel the unholy power!

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