Heartcorner is a collective room located in Purwokerto – Indonesia, and has a network of national and international community. Our activity is to support all creative movements that include areas of music, visual arts, photography and the performing arts. Besides, we also provide independent discussion forum for reviewing popular culture, particularly in the context of creative movement. Independently organized event is also one of our regular activities, of course, the event is in the realm of art and creativity.


Wiman Rizkidarajat

Wiman Rizkidarajat | Editor in Chief

Anindya Ryadinugroho

Anindya Ryadinugroho | Editor

Rio Wijaya

Rio “Kethek” Wijaya | Author

Atiq Fivian Alfa

Atiq Fivian Alfa a.k.a Pardi | Author

Arlansyah Rizka

Arlansyah Rizka | Author

Irfan Gama Setiawan

Irfan Gama Setiawan a.k.a Acong | Author

Nadia Elferina

Nadia Elferina a.k.a Sulis | Author

Kemal Fuad Ramadhan

Kemal Fuad Ramadhan | Author

Henrikus Setya Adi

Henrikus Setya Adi | Author

Mochammad Zacky

Mochammad Zacky | Author