My Nationality Is Humanity
Last Scientist stand on the basis of the spirit of struggle in the music rapp which today has shifted away from the essence rapp itself. Last Scientist try to revive the struggle spirit rapp music, music rapp must undergo redefinition back. then we “Last Scientist” as a scientist in the tradition of struggle last rapp music, trying to dig up the history of the struggle of the patriotic and founding father rapp art. we branded ourselves as the Last Scientist rapp because we think the world today needs a group of scientists who will try to uncover histories back rapp which today has bergesar far from its roots. Rapp here we consider to be the spirit of resistance, struggle, and the individual freedom of expression and freedom of tekanan.Seni beautiful and pure is the art of the destroyer The imperialists pembidas and sucking blood, protest art on life-clad luxury and vanity.
The job of an artist is, “reflect the reality and show it to people, showing things that are not seen humans into something that can be seen, rubbing reality with all the interesting partial units for reassembly.
Art inside is a clear picture of the glory and the manifestation of justice and the plight of the hungry and oppressed by the hegemonic powers. Art that occupies the true position is that unload rottenness people feel good blood sucking genuine civilization, the civilization of justice and holiness. So, among other forms of art, which may be cultivated only art that teaches how to resist and fight the robbers of the world.